Trade Show Banner Stands

Learn how Jeff and his company saved thousands of dollars in product & shipping costs and shaved off hours of setup time better used talking with prospective clients at their convention.
They did it with retractable banner stands. Learn how below...

Tradeshow Display Retractable Banner Stands

Hear what Jeff had to say about Better Banner Stand's portable, retractable displays they used for the above setup:

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"For the last five years we’ve gone to conventions with a gigantic, traditional exhibit booth that costs a fortune to ship and took up to 3 or 4 hours to set up at each convention. With the 3 pull up banners that we just ordered from, we have completely changed our entire experience of exhibiting at a convention. Our area is literally set up in the same amount of time that it took to get everything out of the box to begin a 4 hour set up. It has completely transformed the way we prepare for a convention and has freed us up by an amount of at least 3 hours of set up time; and time that could be better spent walking around and talking with prospective clients instead of fiddling with a wobbly, warped, old booth that costs a fortune to ship. So thank you so much Better Banner Printing, we will definitely be using you for all of our conventions from now on. Thank you."

~ Jeff Davis, Legal Art Works (Jacksonville, FL)

Thanks goes to Jeff for his story. His is just one of many we receive all the time from our customers that were looking for a way to exhibit better. There is an emerging trend among trade show exhibitors: they are starting to notice that there are now products that give them the same outcome with the same (and sometimes better) quality as their expensive setups, BUT cost FAR less and are MUCH easier to transport and setup.

This is also the reason many other smaller businesses are finally able to afford going to trade shows for the first time and still look "up to snuff" with the rest of the crowd. If you were one of those businesses that needed to make the jump... NOW IS THAT TIME!

The trade show display industry is one of the most overpriced industries there is! Don't be a sucker and get charged thousands for a huge bulky exhibit booth display, only to find you then have to spend more money to ship it to shows or conferences. You can get the same thing accomplished in a MUCH more affordable and hassle free fashion. Click below to look into how these displays will change the way you do trade shows.

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